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MBA first Semester

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The following given information is for MBA first Semester students studying in BUITEMS , other uni students can also take benefit of it if their course outline matches. and BBA students can also use this information as some of their subjects are the same like MBA regular ones. Soon with time we will Provide more information for our Student!
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MBA - 1st Semester Course Outline for students of BUITEMS , Other universities might have the same Course Outline Download Click here  if link does not work , try the link given below.

Online View ! no Download Required - Recommended - Click Me outline of MBA (Afternoon).doc

 1. Subject : Principles of Management 


Chapter 1 .  Introduction to Management 

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Chapter 2. Traditional and Contemprary Issues and Challenges

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Management's some good Notes! must read!

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2. Subject Marketing

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3. Subject Business Communication

Types of interview,planning steps, 7cs Effectivness intro , Short report writing, Strategies for meeting , Refusing Credit , Speaking , Report Writing , Sales Circulars


2. other topics View it Online and Download Easily - Recommended !!!!

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4. Subject Financial Accounting 
Accounting Youtube lectures made easy, watch it to easily understand FIFO , LIFO , and Depreciation Topics easily like i did ! CLICK ME to watch or scroll down to the bottom to view ! Choic is yours !

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5.Subject Business Maths

Volume - 1
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Volume - 2 .
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6.Subject Information Technology and Business

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New data -

Marketing   New DATA !           Data Provided by Ahmed Shah Waziri

Basic Marketing Book - A Global Mangerial Approach
in PDF format over 800 pages - 9mb in size .
Download Marketing - A Global Mangerial Approach .pdf

Basic Marketing Slides of 19 chapters ! in MS Power Point !

Download - 19 chapters - @ 39 mb  - WinRar Marketing Complete Book Slides of 18 chapters.rar

Chapter Names are listed below
Basic Marketing Chapter names!

1 Nature of MAarketing
2 Marketing's Role within Firm
3 Focusing Marketing Strategy with Segmentation and Positioning
4 Evaluating Oppurtunities in Changing Marketing Environment
5 Demographic Dimensions of Canadian And Global Consumer Markets
6 Behavioural Dimensions of the consumer Market
7 Business and Organizational Customers and their buying behaviour
8 Improving Decisions with Marketing information
9 Elements of Product Planning for Goods and services
10 Product Management and New Product Development
11 Channel Systems and Physical Distribution
12 Retailers ,wholesalers, and their Strategy planning
13 Promotion - Introduction to Integrated Marketing communications
14 Personal Selling
15 Advertising And Selling Marketing
16 Pricing Objectives and Policies
17 Price SEtting in the Business World
18 Developing Innovative Marketing Plans
19 Implementing and Controlling Marketing Plans Evolution and Revolution

Business I.T and Business communication Notes - Provided and Created by Ahmed Shah Waziri

Monitor - Kinds of Monitors - LCD . CRT  - Networking and Types of Networking  

Incorrect Sentences Corrected - Business communication

MBA First semester notes / Info papers for BUITEMS and related universities.

This page is only MBA related first semester Subjects only. for students studying in BUITEMS , other students can also take benefit from it if they have same course outline or topics.
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Accounting Youtube Lectures ! Easy to understand !

Accounting First Semester Youtube easiest Lectures to understand !

Topic 1 - Depreciation Examples ! easy !

Topic 2 - FIFO and LIFO !

MBA - 1st n 2nd n 3rd Semesters
Complete Information regarding Subjects / Credit hours and MBA 2 year / 3 year confusion , Read out this link.